About me

So let this page hold a little info about me. I am a high school student in Czechia. I love computers and everything around it. Recently I began with amateur photography, most of my production can be seen under the Photography category. On this webpage I will write about something from my life, but majority of content will be my photography, programming and other work. Most content will be in English, however some posts, for which it is needed, will be in Czech.

If you ever need to contact me, feel free to encrypt the message using my PGP key, which you can download here:

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About my photography

I have started photographing at the beginning of summer holiday 2016 when I was had a job as an assistant on a summer camp. And part of my work was to snap everything and post it on the camp website for the parents. For this purpose borrowed a DSLR. The same day evening I was already searching for one for myself. Now I own a Canon EOS100D and two lenses: an EFS18-55mm macro and an EF75-300 zoom lens. The moon photos were captured with the camera sitting on some Hama tripod of unknown age yet great functionality. I guess these are that kind of gear that never expires…